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Ozone mystical security eye, No. 1 permanent spiritual security in the world,
If buried or kept around any property, it will mystically in the form of humans,
Spirits or snakes pursue and drive away any uninvited guest around such properties.
Such properties include farms, plantations, fishponds, lakes, islands, rivers,
Creeks, industries, developed and undeveloped plots, houses, private rooms,
Machines, Gold and diamonds, money and any interested property by the client.
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To know who has committed a theft, murder or any crime and to forces the person to confess

openly and return back same.



Ozone magic wand of Power, to assist the possessor get favors from highly placed and wealthy

people in the society without their refusal, regret or second taught.



Astral magic journey wand, it assists the possessor to travel to any part of the world with magic

wand and air journey powers, and return back to base at will without any risk/side effect.            



To become richer through money spells and Invocation without sacrifice and side effect.



Ozone Power Control Wand, for visions, crowd puller, and commanding wristwatch with all

miracles and healing powers for clergymen, spiritualist and ministers of God.   



Ozone fraud magic wand, if you have constantly fallen into the hands of fraudsters through those

you trust because of your greediness and desire to change your poor financial status or become

richer and you want to collect back all the money that had been fraudulently collected or stolen

from you by any person or group of persons. The Ozone fraud magic wand is the answer.  It can

only be used for five persons or group of persons. The power starts operation 9 days from the day

of possession and the victims will under the power of spell humbly and   honestly come to you with

all the involved money, confessions and apologies, no magic power or witchcraft can stop the effect

within the 9 days, You are the only person that can save, protector or forgive the fraudsters from

their spiritual trauma when the revenge/return attack kick-starts.



Ozone Artist generation wand, for an Artist who wants all his/her products to  be popular, admired by many and to be recognized and accepted internationally through any source of

the possessor’s involvement in artwork.      



Ozone marriage force wand, for any woman who wants to get married within 12   months of possession of this great power, to any man of her choice at all cost.   



Ozone Settlement   Magic Bond, if you have served some one more than the agreed period,

and he has no plan to settle and sent you forth, or he is planning to  send you away with one evil flimsy reason or the other, the ozone settlement magic bond  will force the master to settle and send you forth with all your requests and heart desires within sixty days from possession time.                    



Anti barren wand. Any woman who uses this kit and does not conceive within 6 months will have

her money refunded back, even if the cause is related to wrong abortion, abnormal bleeding, having

sex, babies or spirit husband in the dream, wrong application of family planning/drugs, enemies spell,

magical powers, witches or curses, the correction and fertility/productiveness restoration within 6

months is our promise, you were never born to be barren. Don’t be deceived.



To win 5 draw games for five weeks in English, and another5 for five weeks in Australia pools




To win 5 draw games for 5 weeks in Australia pools season.                          



To win 5 draw games for 3 weeks in English pools season                                



To win 5 draw games for 3 weeks in Australia pools season.



To win 5 draw games for 2 weeks in Australia pools season.



A natural ozone pendant, power that changes your natural stature, rebuilds and beautifies your

stature and face within 30 days. Makes one become very beautiful/ handsome instantly. Also

increases height if you are not above 50years old.       



Cardinal Ozone election pendant, 4 cardinal spiritual magical steps for all voting elections. The

leaders of the party/organization must magically accept your nomination; the party or organization

must accept your candidature, nominate and support you absolutely even against their wishes. 

The masses must generally accept your party/organization’s nomination, and the masses must

generally and absolutely support your voting and sure victory in the main election. All the

processes must be spiritually and magically won without stress. Your supporters must magically

overpower all your enemies without stress. Any intending or proposed election is already won

through the magical cardinal ozone election pendant. Varies from stage one to fifty. 



To know your last year, month and day on earth, how and where it will occur.  



 Magical ability to increase or prolong ones life span to another extra ten to twenty years




To become very fast as a cat, win in all wrestling contests and never to be defeated by any body. 



Young and beautiful ozone wand, this ozone power makes the possessor to remain

young, beautiful and charming for many years without fading, especially to those that had loved

and had sex with her before. It assists the possessor to get what ever she wants in life from any

man as many times as she want without the man’s refusal, regret or second taught. The ozone

wand of young and beautiful lasts between twenty, thirty and fifty years respectively. Any lady

below eighteen years of age cannot possess it.  Any man that makes love with the possessor will

never enjoy sex with another woman throughout his life, except at possessor's will.    



Discover hidden secrets, this pendant should be placed close to the ear at special times and a

distinct  voice will reveal the desired knowledge and secrets which has been kept hidden from the

possessor, even your wife, husband, political associates, servants or business partner's voices will

be openly and clearly heard from  thousands of miles distance, without the knowledge of the victim

and the use of practical GSM phones, from these magic, all the secret information you

need will be directly revealed to you.                                       



Ozone Sweet Heart Wand, If your husband or lover, does not feel happy, satisfied or contented after making love with you, This wand will turn everything around and make him to be contented and happy whenever he makes love with you, he  will never like to make love with another woman because he can never enjoy another woman's love again throughout his life except you.             



Ability to be above any man’s destruction. Only the one who can paint the sun with

charcoal or black paint can kill the possessor of this great power pendant 



Sixth pentacle of Saturn – just pronounce an enemy's name and repeat “setthou a wicked one

to be ruler over him and let Satan stand at his right hand to cause the foe to be possess by

demons and bad lucks. Your named enemy must start suffering within 24 hours of possession and




Ozone free magic administration wand, this is for those who took over their disease fathers/relations businesses but could not do well in the business,  because  they do not know the secret method used by the diseased, the administration magic wand will destroy all evil fingers in the business and restore full spiritual financial glory, success and fast growth that lasts for ever in the business.       



Ozone cover wand, this is for those who had committed some serious crimes in their life, and do not want the crimes to be discovered by any body, group or authority even after their demise.              



Ozone language controller, the possessor of this magic power will fluently speak the first fifty world's languages which includes English, French, Latin Chinese, Arabic, Africans, Dutch, German, Russian, Spanish, Hindi, Italian Portuguese, Korean, Swedish, Finish, Luanda Cantonese, Xhosa, Zulu and thirty others without any error, formal educational background or not is not a barrier.                



Ozone great confuse wand, the possessor of this great power will always send confusions to

his/her enemy/enemies, destroy their embryo plans and bring them to shame at last with spiritual    

spell unconstitutional crimes and compulsory voluntary open confessions.      



Ozone grand nature, this power controls the growing age, on possessing it, the male and female children including those living under the possessor, must be loyal to the possessor and abide by all instructions and advices, none of the possessor’s children, siblings or subordinates will be involve in any shameful, prohibited deal or case during and even after the lifetime of the possessor.    



Ozone revelation magic paper, if some one dies without any important information or will to the

family and some of the information are seriously needed, this ozone revelation magic paper kit will

reveal all the needed information from the dead person all in writing.    



Ozone tragedy protection wand, when the possessor of this great wand is in vehicle or

driving along the high way, if there will be any accident or thieves on  the way, the vehicle

will automatically get faulty, stop and packed. At this stage no engineer can start the vehicle until

the period of the evil hour is gone. It will then start without any vehicle engineer. The possessor

will know these through the changing color of the magic wand clock watch placed in front of

the vehicle. 



Ozone star order wand, the possessor of this great pendant will know his/her life star and the type of natural profession he/she is suppose to engage in life that will be very successful, trouble free and attracts all life benefits for the possessor, all success must be achieved through the chosen business without failure/stress. 



Ozone wild killer wand, the possessor of this great pendant can catch/kill or cage  any wild

animal with ordinary hands including snakes without stress.             



Ozone natural forest chewing stick, it helps to stop someone from smoking, drinking of

alcoholic contents, or to be associated with all edible and non edible drugs for ever.    



Ozone  nature blood search wand, if someone had rightly/ wrongly missed his/her biological

child or relation from childhood and could not find the child or man again.  Either stolen by someone,

left or forgotten somewhere, just missed or purposely dropped somewhere or in the motherless

 babies homes for one reason or the other. If an adult relation is missing or kidnapped by some

one, this pendant will assist the possessor to see the person within  twenty one days from

possession  date of this great power.   



Ozone magic imposition key, the possessor will have all the spiritual powers to impose any

type of dangerous sickness/problem on anybody and heal/solve the person's illness/problem

at his or her will without stress. Such sickness or problem can never be cured or solved by

any other person except the possessor who has the magic imposition key.                                               



Ozone poison dictator, the possessor will be able to dictate poisonous, cursed or spell food,

drinks, lands or properties through the poison dictator or magic signs magic wand of power.                 



Disappear eagle magic wand, the ability to disappear from any danger, land, air or sea.



Rainbow magic wand, power to win contracts from individuals, agencies or governments.     



Power to influence the masses, get nominated and win all environment general elections.



Ozone  divining crystal mirror, for all holistic visions  and healings in the church, shrine and

deities, spiritual abilities to know all secrets about your client.       



To obtain love from a high-ranking officer or very rich man/woman in the society without

 their refusal or stress.              



Ozone  sexual herbs tea, helps and strengthens both sexes to have regular sex for  over 21 days

without getting tired.   



The spiritual ability to make someone serve you for ever without thinking or planning for his /her

future, or listen to intruders. 



Success journey wand, to be successful in all document screening and regular visa approvals,

also attracts mercy and sympathy  to the possessor  especially in foreign countries, the possessor

can never be indicted or caught  in any shameful crime even when involve.        



Magic profit wand, the spiritual ability to over charge people in any service rendered without any

complain,  regret or second taught from the customers or clients, still they will continue to increase

in great numbers.



To be granted and provided with any request by your boyfriend, relation,  or husband without

their refusal, regret or second taught.



To be granted and provided with all needed requests and information by your political  or  office

boss without refusal or regret . 



To be provided with financial assistances for many times by your father, relations, friends or

guardian without refusal, regret or second taught



Ozone advance magic wand wall clock, a powerful wall magic clock that assists, reveals

dangers and protects all family members from any danger through the movement of the clock, it

expirers after,  every 100 years      



Sixth pentacle of mars, the possessor of this power can never be harmed if attacked by thieves

or hired killers with any weapon, it includes disappear from  dangers, it brings confusions among

the possessor’s enemies.                   



Third pentacle of the Satum – it protects against all dangerous travels, all attacks by night, and every danger from water, land, air or evil men, immediately imposes confusion on the enemies at the scene of  crime without the user being touched or harmed by the enemies, it will divert  the enemies former plans to attack the possessor.  



Fifth pentacle of Saturn – it protects the home and guards all treasures and possessions one

may own. It takes away the eyes and minds of all evil men from you, your family and all your

assets in life, no matter where those assets or businesses may be, even though the assets are

scattered in different countries.   



Seventh pentacle of Saturn – this pendant is reputed to make others listen, tremble and obey

before the words of the possessor, do whatever the possessor wants them to do, serves the

possessor for life without listening to any intruder or planning any secret without the knowledge of

the possessor. If any intruder approaches them, they will reveal it to the possessor immediately.

They can never feel protected outside the possessor of this great power.   



Fourth pentacle of the sun – the most useful talisman which enables the owner to see others as

they really are, not as they pretend to be. When this seal is in the vicinity of the possessor, business

partners or foes, their true thoughts and secret heart plans will be regularly revealed and recorded in

the magic paper for the possessor to read and know the truth.                 



Ozone last love pendant, this power will convince someone who can never marry you  with

clear eyes and  natural thinking to accept your marriage proposal without any refusal, delay, regret

or second taught, he or she must see you as a last option and must live with you for ever despite

intruders and enemies of progress who may not want the relationship to survive,



Ozone unity love magnet, power to unite a broken relationship, marriage, friendship or business

partner, this power will restore and unite the relationship for ever, and no one will think or plan for

separation again, truth and love will rain among the parties, deceit and lies will disappear from their

mix, enemies can never penetrate again.  It is called the symbol of last unity,             



Ozone ask and receive wand, this will assist the possessor to collect  or borrow huge amount

of money from relations, friends or any body whenever needed without their refusal, consultation 

or regret after given out the money, and the people will never come back for the money

throughout their life




Ozone heavy wand, for family protection, progress, family success,  financial  growth and

restorations, knowledge, power, glory, victory, and honor, regular gaining of appointments, wining

of contracts and  general success in all the family undertakings,    



Andros wand, very destructive, it brings ruin to an enemy within the twinkling of an eye, causing

him financial havoc and personal despair, sicknesses and crises always and he will never see

peace again in his life, he will always be involve in one problem or the other throughout his life, It

starts work 24 hours after possession period. 



Bathin  wand,  power to transport someone from one place to another at the speed of light by

supernatural means. Makes the wearer invisible before any law enforcement officer who may bring

trouble to the possessor, attracts favor and sympathy to the possessor especially  in foreign




Ozone iron wand of power, protects one from gun bullets and all iron weapons, ability to

disappear from dangers, to fight  over twenty men with bare hands and win them without injury, to

be protected from any spiritual harm or poison and never to fail in any physical contest or

business, no man born of a woman can kill the possessor of this great power, known as

[above  man’s destruction]  



Sabnock wand order, can cause enemy wounds not to heal, arguments to inflame, and turn a

small dispute into full-scale battle. It controls military camps and protects soldiers, the possessor

can make things happen instantly and magically without challenge, senior military officers use this

power to control their men and have victory over their opponents, the possessor will be a terror

among his colleagues without challenges.           



Naberius magic wand,  teaches logic, rhetoric, and helps one regain lost memories lost  honors,

prestige, possessions, financial restorations and positions of esteem for life and attracts higher

opportunities to  the  possessor and  helps to pass all exams.        



Provides invisibility, when the seal is held in the bag, eve when one’s faith is sufficient or not, the

possessor is rendered invisible even to the eye of the wizard genus,  and God alone shall witness

the actions of the possessor. This power permits the owner to penetrate anywhere unseen and

unnoticed and leave the place at will without the knowledge of anybody.    



The ozone great magic wand of power, for all visions, crowd puller, healings and miracles,

used by clergymen, spiritualists and ministers of God who wish to perform miracles/healings and

tell people their secret problems even in the open, their members will tremble on hearing their

names and what ever they say to their members is believed to be the last truth. Intruders, magical

powers or enemies of progress can never succeed in destroying  or bringing confusion to the 

congregation or the organization’s clients or followers.        



Seal of fire,  for  those who seek influence at all cost, general favor, trust, conviction, power,

popularity, and dominance in  any field.                        



Seal of great generation, the great pendant for wealth, honor, promotions, riches,  power,

including  favor  from your boss or the authority, ask and receive without refusal.  



Seal of mars love bond, an aid in holding marriages and friendships together,  in case of quarrels

between the parties involved, or where there are disturbing influences from outsiders or couples

relations, for both to be one for  ever, no intruder or  magical power can break or destroy  the




Influential handkerchief seal, for wealth and good fortune, prosperous  for the believers  handkerchief, brings all the followers or congregation  together,  they  cannot listen to gossips,  they will all trust and obey you at all times, good for healings, miracles and  wonders, also used to warn  trouble members in the dream through an angel, your members will tremble on hearing your name and what ever you tell them will be their final truth and nothing else.    



All love miracle powder, this powerful miracle powder makes a woman very beautiful, seductive,

attractive, unique and difference before any man, and magically assists the woman to acquire all

her heart desires  from any  man without the man’s refusal, regret  or second taught, and the man

will never see any thing wrong or bad with the said possessor.               



Mason wand, destroys all evil plots, frees oneself from the tricks and deceit of others and assists

the possessor to know all deceit approaches, relationships, businesses and all deceit connections

through the color changes of the wand clock arrow .    



Eden  wand, for force proposals of marriage only, entices reluctant suitors to speak in favor of

your wish without refusal or regret after the decision. , the two will quickly get married and no

magical power or intruders  can stop or destroy the marriage plans/marriage. 



Gain favors, the power to cause or influence others to make favorable decisions for your good,

and plans every good things for your well fare even without your knowing, all  will believe that

helping you is pleasing God, they will always feel happy any time they render you any help.

It is called spiritual sympathy inventor. 



Ozone  renewals wand, renews life, neutralizes and removes the effects of past mistakes and

makes one become honored and respected by all, the past will be seen as mare rumors and hand

work of enemies. Good for politicians who had been in one position or the other before.

Known as power restoration                   



Ozone magic oasis mirror, for all family members’ good luck, protection, male and female fertility,

disappear from danger, victory in all matters, riches, couple’s trust /unity, love, honor and favor from

people and to be loved and trusted by all.



Blue optical miracle water, for all eye problems an complete restoration of the sight without

operation or eye glass, the number of years the eye disease had lasted does not matter. It is only

60 day’s affair, and your sight will be forever restored, our holistic spiritual data research will reveal

the type of eye problem you are having even without seeing you physically.     



The red water text, a strange and fascinating method used to determine the guilt or innocence of

a person even in his presence, the full names of the guilty will physically appear written on the  water

during the first stage, while during the second stage, the innocent

ones will deep hands inside the water and meet very cold  water, while the guilt will meet 

very hot water that burns  in the same pot. Even when the two deeps their hands together inside

the magic pot, one will feel very cold while the other will be burnet by the same water.



Ahunum, an amulet of foresight, for complete visions and to know the secret of anybody that

stands before you in a praying or crusade ground, only the true picture of those standing before

you will be appearing to your mind at that moment, during consultations, the same thing happens.

The greatest ozone power for miracles, healing powers and congregation/crowd puller. 



Home sumbul order, power to ward off diseases and sudden death from  the home, brings

success to every member of the family and attracts favor, financial restoration, love and good will

from the general public. 



Cleopatra seal, used to increase sexual enjoyment by both parties, also used  to unite a broken

relationship for ever, none of the parties will ever enjoy outside sexual intercourse .known as

[last love bond] 



Come to me Omega oil, great love power used to anoint the breasts of a woman before going to

see a stubborn, selfish or deceitful lover, as soon as the man sucks the breasts at his will, from that

moment he will become  under the control of the possessor for ever,  the lady’s command will be

the man’s wishes, no magical power, spell or intruder can take away the man from the possessor,

and  he  will always meet all the lady’s heart desires without refusal, regret  or second taught.



King David secret love key, to have the connection and fall in love with the highest man/woman

in the society with out stress, and have all the needed favors. 




Forget me not aura oil, anoint any of your lovers cloth with the oil and the person will never

forget you or even do something that can break your heart even in your absence, and the man can

never make love with another person again through out his life, because he will never enjoy sex

with another woman again, after having sex with you. 



High conquering wand of power, to help lawyers ague their cases very well in the law courts,

and confuse the other party in his own argument and win all their cases with the sympathy of the




Ozone rainbow love key, this powerful pendant makes the possessor to have favor from people

especially men. Her man will never see any evil in her and will never see anything good in other

women. She will get everything she wants from her man, she will get all her heart desires from any

man without regret or second taught by the man and drops any man at her will without having 

problems from the dropped man or men and get at any man at her will without stress. Any man

that had sexual intercourse with the possessor will never enjoy another woman throughout his

life except on the possessor's will. 



Car magic wand, if placed in your car, it is accident and robbers free pendant, the vehicle will

get faulty and parked before any accident period or thieves zone and start when the danger period

is over, thieves will always see your car  and touch it not or come near it or think of it, no evil

will ever near your car.   Even as a passenger in another vehicle, the magical working

protection system is the same. 



As I command master key, to help the possessor get a good job, to be successful in all

interviews and to attract the sympathy of the employer, and to keep you in a better place

and pay you well without regret, and find no fault in you after the employment.    



Elisha bone magic wand, this is good for those whose business has boomed and fall, it will 

raise and change your business to the highest successful level within a short period without any

side effect, it will draw back all your former clients/customers and new ones, and you will never

fall again, above the sky will be your limit.    



Ozone neutral cosmetic kit, makes the user to look very attractive, young, lovely, beautiful,

seductive, innocent and unique to any man that comes her way. Makes the man to be restless until

he had done all you want him to do for you. The man will always reveal all his secrets to you and  he

will not bother how you live your life. Your words will be controlling the said man, no gossip or

magic power can ever separate him from you,  except at your will.                                                                                                



Ozone love soap and perfume, to be used by a lady, it attracts general love, sympathy and 

general trust to the user, the user will get all  her heart desires from the opposite sex and drop

whom ever she  wishes without any crises, the men or relations will supply everything needed by the user without refusal regret or second taught and  no man shall drop the user on his own. Any man that

makes  love with the possessor  will never enjoy another woman in his life, except on

the possessor’s will.                                                  



   Ozone irresistible wand, this is a mystical love magnet for ladies, any man you accept to  be

   your lover must absolutely be under your control, you will have the full control of  his freedom

   and financial resources, your commands must be his wishes, he will have  no option, he can

n never refuse your requests, orders and can never have second taught over your actions, irresistible

   the man can never do anything without your permission, it lasts between 10, 20, 30 &  40 years

   respectively.  Any man that makes love with  you will never enjoy another woman’s sex

   throughout his life, except if you cancel his name from  your magic love diary.




Golden key wand of power, this power helps the possessor   never to be dropped from   his/her    heart desired position by those  in government, instead of dropping the possessor, he/she will be 

considered for enlistment and another higher position by those  in  power, any new government will

consider him/her one of the best to be used in building the new government and getting the  support

of the masses,  known as glory restoration wand of power.                                                                              



Dead ozone spiritual vengeance stone, if a piece of these stone is dropped in a  deceased

grave or buried with the dead, the stone will  become invisible spiritual weapons for the deceased, all the killers of the deceased will be killed with these stone within sixty days from the day it

was dropped on top of the grave or buried  with the dead, the  confessions of the affected persons, chaining or digging of the grave can never protect the victims from dieing from the ozone spiritual

vengeance stone wand attack



Ozone anti debtor wand, this power is used to magically draw your money from your debtors who has refused to pay you. After the invocations, it will continue to draw any cash with the debtor

until your money is complete, even when the   debtors are in another country or continent,

the system is the same. The power can never draw more than the amount  owing you by

the debtors. This power can only be used for ten debtors, it has no side effect on both parties. All your named debtors must pay you without knowing what they are doing, your payments must be under  magical spells. from any of them., there will be no resistance.                                       



Ozone magic strength key, this pendant makes your husband male organ not to be alive or rise when ever he is with another woman, but will become normal and strong when ever he is with you or remembers  you, if doctors are consulted, nothing can be seen or done since the spiritual organ control keys are  with you, the control of his organ becomes you secret affair. The man can never make love with another woman since you control the male sexual organ.  




Ozone miracle black basin, through the water inside this basin, the possessor will read all 

the secrets of his clients, including the purposes of the client’s visit or consultation through

the ordinary water which the client will pour to the black magic basin by him/her self. 



Ozone exile magic wand, helps the user to get correct information about his/her relation or

loved one in a far country, who had not been able to come or visit home for many years. It  helps

to draw back home the lost or missing relation within 60 days, no matter where the relation may

be or  the present financial condition, even if he/she is in the prison, the magic pendant   

will magically and spiritually touch and draw the involved authorities/files and all must be made possible within sixty days.                  



Ozone wise and knowledge wand, helps a student not to forget whatever he/she has been ever taught by any lecturer, not to forget what ever he/she has red in the pursuance of  his/her academic life, The student will always be seen as the best student  by any teacher, also attracts favor and sympathy to the student at all times, Best in all subject or courses, leads to highest knowledge esteem and success in all exams.                                                            



Ozone united family magic wand, this power binds every member of the family together, the

unity of the family will be as strong as the rock, no member of the family will plan and execute any

evil against the family, even after the demise of the family head, every member will be loyal to the

next person,  spiritual protection, victory success, riches and honor will be the possession of every

member of the family, disappointments and shames will never be theirs, they will always have their

dreams come true. Sudden and untimely death will not see or near the family. Any evil plan

against the family or any member of the family by enemies can never work. This charm was

prepared and consecrated under the full moon for family  protection,  financial restoration and

holistic  upliftment and every member of the family will place the family  name first,  the family’s

children will never be involve in  any dirty or shameful deal.                                                                                  




Ozone anti promise magic wand, with the possession of these  power  known as promise and die, all the promises given to you by politicians, business partners, senior friends, lovers, governments, relations or friends in a far country must all be fulfilled  within sixty days of possession of this

great power. Any person who had ever promised you anything will never have rest and internal peace until he/she get the promises fulfilled even  when you don’t see or disturb the person, his/her words will disturb and fight back for you.  Within sixty days of possession, you will see the positive result. Promise and die, all promises must be fulfilled or face the anger of ozone promise and  die. The name does not mean that the person will die if those promises are not fulfilled, it means that those promises must be fulfilled.                         



Finding a true and everlasting love                                                      



Make a specific person love you within 72 hours of possession                      



For spiritually keeping a lover under your control as long as you wish     



Get a disappointed or runaway lover to come back and remain with  you forever, even

against his/her wish.                                                 



Improve your love life and beloved by your desired lover forever         



Find several lovers and make use of them according to your wishes

without complaints.                                                             



Finding rich friends that helps and takes care of all your financial problems and keep them as long

as you wish.                                     



Making peace with a disappointed friend and bring back the

friend forever                                                                      



Obtaining huge amount of money legally from friends and relations and become

rich forever.                                                              



Winning all money matters and pools for 5 consecutive weeks                



Winning pools consecutively for 10 weeks and become rich forever         



Find a heart desired partner and dream job for keep.                                             



Protect your home from all negative forces and plans                                 



Win 5 draw games in full payment weeks each for 5 weeks in Australia and 5 weeks in English                                       



Return all curses back to sender within twenty four hours.                                                              



Husband must obey Wand, these power helps to control the wicked husbands, the woman possessor will use it and control all financial resources of the husband and make the man never to see any  good in another woman. The man will never refuse any request from the woman. The man will make the money while the woman will control the resources without any complain, refusal, regret or second thought, the man’s male sexual organ can never rise when ever  he is with another woman, unless if legally married as another wife.                                                                       



Ozone revenge wand, this helps the possessor to control and command his enemy or

opponent to publicly commit a serious crime that must send him/her to jail and destroy his/her

reputation for ever within  21 days of possession.                                                   



Spell wand destroyer, when someone is sick and the sickness refuse to be cured, when the  evil

hand of enemy is suspected, get this oil, it will destroy all negative and evil spells affecting the sick

person including poisonous effects, the person will immediately start responding to all medical

treatments, it stats work within twenty four hours from possession time.                          



The secret eye of mungu, makes the possessor to be protected from all charms, poisons, curses,

killer weapons, all night and day attacks, witches, armed robbers and deities, attracts victory and

success to the user through the secret eye of mungu’s magic mirror. The possessor will be respected and

honored by every body in the society. All evil plans against the possessor will be revealed to

him/her through the magic mirror. None of the plans will ever work. The possessor will be as

strong as the rock spiritually. It  also serves as do as I say without refusal, regret or second taught. 



Better share wand, this powerful pendant is for those who are afraid of getting all they want from

their polygamous family. All the possessor’s requests from their father or property management

lawyer must  be granted without question, consultation, regret, refusal or second thought, and no

member of the family will ever  rise against it later,                               



Mars  pendant  oil, for curing mysterious, spell and stubborn diseases, like elephantiasis, stoke,

epilepsy, old wounds,  cancer and all confused diseases.



Eve last promise wand, this powerful wand draws back a runaway man/woman who had earlier

promised to marry you, cost you money, long courtship, disappointment or made you to loose a

lover after your heart, duped you, sexually assaulted you, even forced you to some unwanted

abortions and latter dropped you with one flimsy reason or the other.

He/she must come back and live with you for ever without any excuse, immediately you possess

this eve last promise wand of power, even if the person  had wedded with another person.




Ozone promise powder, this is good for those who go about promising people of marriage, only to have their ways and dupe the victims at last, the possessor of this great ozone promise powder will draw back any man or woman who earlier had sexual intercourse   with you under a false influence, duped and dumped you at last with one flimsy reason or the other, the person will never have peace with any other lover and will never enjoy a sexual intercourse with another fellow until  he/she comes back to you within fourteen days of possession of these great power. He/she must come back without regret or second taught over  his/her second mission, the person can only be spiritually free at possessor’s will.                                                           



Ozone polygamous magnet key, this charm serves as deterrent to those who abandon their first

wives for the younger ones. These power will weaken the male organ of the possessor’s unfaithful

husband when ever he is with another lady and brings it back to life when ever he is with with the

real wife, as soon as the man is with the real wife, the male organ will become lively, strong and

healthy. You can possess this power if you have reached eighteen years and above, and had a legal






Ozone magnet planet powder, this spiritual magnet planet powder if applied makes a lady, the most beautiful and honorable woman among thousands of women, it is used during beauty competitions or visiting of suitors and families, every member of your suitor’s family must want you to be married by their son without regret or second taught, it is also used  for the seduction of any man, the possessor of this magnet powder must receive all her heart desires from any man immediately on request no matter how highly placed.



Ozone  magnet powder, the possessor of this great formula must receive what ever she wants from any man at her first attempt. The magnet powder makes a man to see  you as a special and the most beautiful woman he had known, seen or met in a special place before, and he will grant all your immediate requests without refusal, regret or second taught, the man will see all your immediate requests as the last option for his life survival at that moment. and his ability to meet all your desires within the period will be his happiest moment in life, even if he borrowed money to satisfy all your wants. With the possession of this great powder, all your wants/desires in life will become stories.



Ozone nature delivery kit, this is for those who had experienced serious problems during pregnancy/delivery period or loosing their babies after delivery, especial when the hands of enemies or witches are involve, on possession of this kit, these problems will become things  of the past in your family.



Ask and receive pendant, this powerful pendant is used when meeting someone in a big position or very senior person for any favor, this will help you  get all the favors at all cost without his/her refusal.                                          



Do as I say pendant, this is used to control a friend, relation, business partner or lover to do things according to your wishes without refusal or regret.                     



King Solomon’s  wise kit, this kit is for those who wish to always be in the first position in the classes through out their school system, they must maintain, be seen and recommended as the best students by the school authorities.                      



Ozone Omega healer, When someone is sick and dieing silently, when the situation is confusing, when people started suspecting this or that. When the doctors are confused but could not say due to their ethics guidelines. When you are not sure of your life again. When someone secretly become tired of prayers. The ozone Omega healer is the answer, it will destroy all the negative powers, natural/inherited spells, evil curses and all enemies fingers involved. After nine days of possession of this great power and research conclusion, the victim will instantly start responding to the advised/directed medical treatments without stress.



Ozone visitor’s drive wand, to get someone or relation to leave your house, and never come back to your house  for ever.                        



ozone stay home wand, the simplest way to stop a wandering mate or wife from wondering.



Ozone wonder knob, to make  all good wishes of the possessor come true within a short




World wonder wand, for all success treasures, riches, financial restorations, protections

and general success in all  life undertakings, the benefits includes that of  children,  grand

children and great grand children, both biological and non biological.                                 



To know who has committed a theft, murder or any crime and to force the person to confess

openly and return back same before the police or court of justice.      



To become a serious and senior magician with all spiritual and magical immunity.           



How to render oneself highly invisible to achieve an aim                            



To curse a thief to return back stolen property or money within 24 hours.



A prevention from all harm of weapons including bullets                             



Hunters magic Wand, to help a hunter kill any/many animals without stress on daily basis without

side effects                            



To become a shining and international star foot baler in any club       



How to associate with angels physically and obtain all your heart desires without stress or any side




Magic pen for all business, exams, contracts, quotations, applications, serious requests, love

 letters, all desired and dream proposals and all purposes.                                                      



Solomon’s astrological magical keys, for catching fishes in great numbers without

stress or side effects to the fisher men.                      



Magic mercury stone, to be buried in a troubled land and spiritually force your

opponent to surrender, leave the land for you and withdraw all cases within twenty one days.




Abraca magic wand, to spiritually force your family members to will all their

assets to you without regret. negative advice or second taught from any family member.



Ebu oracle stone, it will assist you to borrow/collect any amount of money from any body and

the person will never come back for the money.



Ozone magic wand of Power, to assist you gets favor from leaders and wealthy people in

the society without their refusal, regret or second taught.



Ask without refusal stone, to spiritually make your debtors pay you instantly

without refusal, your debtors can never have rest /peace until you are paid the

last fading.



To become richer through pool staking and other gambling.                      



To become richer through money spells and money invocation without any sacrifice and side




To win 4 weekly draw games for five weeks in English, and another 4 for five weeks in Australia

pools season, all must be full payment weeks.                                                  



To reunite separated lovers forever even without their knowing.            



To win 5 draw games for 5 weeks in Australia pools season only.                                   



To fix and reunite a broken relationship even without the knowledge of the parties




To win 5 draw games for 5 weeks in English pools season only                    



To stop separation and divorce between lovers forever.                       



To keep your partner faithful for life and make him sees nothing good in another

person or opposite sex forever.                                  



Get rid/stop the other woman/man between your loved one for life.




For sexual attraction, seduction and europhic lust before any man no matter his class,

known as lady’s strongest secret weapon.               



To find true love, your star or destined  love, your soul mate or  natural life marriage partner

for life.                                            



For visions, crowd puller, miracles and commanding wrist watch with all miracle and healing

powers for clergymen, spiritualists and ministers of God.



To win 5 draw games for 3 weeks in English pools season                     



To win 5 draw games for 3 weeks in Australia pools season.                   



To save a relationship or marriage from broken through intruders, couples relations or enemies

of progress.                                              



To keep others away from taking your man or woman from you no matter how

highly placed.                                                              



To have him or her propose to you for marriage without refusal or later regret.



For eternal/life bond or oath of confidence between lovers or business partners who are afraid of

future betrayal by any party,       



The magical ability to give to your master any amount to represent  normal business account, and

your master will always accept what ever you present to him without any complain or

after thought..       



Lion nail magic wand, for one person to fight over 20 persons and win all without




Ability to disappear from any danger, land, air or sea.                          



Ability to win any case in the law court.                                              



Rainbow magic wand, power to win all contracts from agencies or governments.



Power to influence the masses, get nominated and win all environmental and general




Ability to be above any man’s destruction. Only the one who can paint the sun with charcoal

or paint it with black paint can kill the possessor of this great pendant.



Power to send curses back to sender even without faith or occult




Power to see visions through dream and interpret it correctly               



Ozone wealthy wand, for victory, happiness, honor, protection, financial restoration and

 riches with general and everlasting joy.                                                      



To for seen major events and how it will happen, hours before it happens.                               



To know the secret past events that have been kept hidden by past generations.



To win 5 draw games for 2 weeks in Australia pools season         



To know the things that will make the world better in time to come with

scientific proof.



To know all the secret pasts of an enemy with magic written evidences.



To see future fierce storms and where and how  it will occur, how it can be avoid, direct and

control it with the nature storm magic key.                



To detect true and false friends and magically force them to openly confess all their

secret plans against you by magical powers.                



To summon a human spirit to appear before you for assistance.              



Future divining crystal mirror for all visions in the church or shrine.



The ability to command and control thunder and direct it to any place of your

choice without any side effect.                                        



The ability to draw down rain at any time, control, direct and stop it at your will, without any stress

or side effects.                                 



The ability to understand and practice magic up to 9,600 level orders.     



To discover desired secret documents and posses them from their hidden places.



To find out your relations and other peoples financial secrets with correct written facts and




To cure phobia of heights and become taller than your former height if you are not above fifty years old.         



To obtain love from a high-ranking officer or very rich man in the society without

stress and keep the love for ever.                                                                          



To cause fight, quarrel and everlasting hatred between untied people or business partners to

achieve an aim.                                       



Ozone sexual magic herb’s tea, assists and internally motivates parties to have regular sex for

over 96 hours without getting tired, and your partner will never enjoy sex with another person after

having sex with you for life, except at your will.              



Ozone nature slim tea, assists and makes one to become very slim and beautiful within 27




Ozone nature life control key, the ability to make someone serve you for life without thinking to

leave or planning for his /her future, or listen intruders.



The ozone success master key, for all good purpose, promotions, favor and nice positions in

your work places.                       



To make oneself highly regarded and trusted by a boss or the general public and obtain all his/her

heart desires from the people without stress.



Power to bind thieves, armed robbers or hired killers at the very scene of event and instantly turn

them against each other.           



Power to obtain all your heart desires from your boss or friend immediately on request without




Society initiation for all riches and long life without side effects.         



To be a shining star footballer in any club and victory success in all national and international sports

screening exercise.                    



To be successful in all documents screening and regular visa approvals, attracts sympathy and

mercy to the possessor and never to be caught for any crime even when involve, especially in

foreign countries.  




Fast selling in all trading and marketing businesses with much profits.   



Magic power wand, to over charge people in any service rendered to them without any complain

or regret from the customers or clients, still they will continue to come in great numbers




The fortification and consecration of living houses, business premises and lands against all

enemies of progress and secret evil plans




To win all land matters in any litigation, all involved witnesses must unknowingly and magically

turn to your side and give  evidences to your favor.



Ozone miracles vision mirror, to have miracles vision mirror in your house for all family

members, general fortunes, protections and

 unforeseen purposes.                                                                             



For over weight and obesity reduction within twenty one days.                               



Table of Jupiter, relates to good judgment and direction. It will attract good luck and

fortune, assists in all business matters, legal cases, religious affairs,  it also assists in

overseas travels, especially if  you have no relation or friend in such countries or have not

been there for the first time. It attracts sympathy and brings favors to the possessor at all




Table of mars, relates to action and destruction. It brings quarrels, battles, and

wars. It promotes physical crises and incorrigible minds,  it assists in destroying any

relationship among  loved ones and can cause distress to one’s enemies within 24

hours, used to  fight known and unknown




Table of mercury, relates to intuition and movement. It aids in acquiring knowledge, in

expression of both unspoken, unwritten ,spoken and written words, and secures safety in all

travels; it brings good luck and victory in all your life undertakings including all language

speaking competitions.




Table of the moon, relates to sports ever success. Assists the possessor to be successful and

victorious in any sports or competition. Magically anybody contesting or competing with the

possessor is already a looser. It strengthens the possessor and weakens the possessor's opponents,

attracts sympathy and victory to the possessor at all times.



Table of Saturn, relates to endurance and reserve.  It strengthens the capacity to perform jobs

or carry out one’s duties and responsibilities, It is favorable for politicians and political

activity, and assists develop and increase business, increases your public trust and gives you favor

from top people in the society. It attracts sympathy and financial helps from people at all times, people will no longer refuse your requests or disappoint you for life.

Known as ask and receive without refusal even if it is against the person’s wish.



Table of the sun relates to the will and to activity. It promotes good health, creates confidence in

one’s own abilities, and draws out the powers and qualities of leadership in you, dominance,

supremacy and gives you courage, victory, success and wealth without stress or side effects.



Table of Venus relates to love. It assists in all matters of the heart, with marriage, all partnerships,

social affairs, and friendly relationships, it strengthens all  relationships and trust with the





To acquire the respect and sympathy of a judge and give you victory in any law court matter. The

possessor can never loose any case no matter the powers behind it.



Ozone foresight vision world clock, to have the foresight and vision of knowing a very bad day

or evil period  in your life and to avoid going out for any business or political activity on such evil

days. This magical power has saved many people from untimely deaths and

unforeseen tragedies     




To know your last year, month and day on earth, how and where it will occur.



To be loved by a blood relative and accept all your proposals and financial requests without

refusal or second taught no matter the numbers, all your requests must always be granted. You

can never have failures or disappointments from  your blood relations throughout your




To be granted and provided with all serious requests by your boss, friend or husband without




To be granted and provided with all needed requests and information by your political or office

boss without refusal, regret or second taught after granting the request.



To be provided with all financial assistances for many times by your father, guardian or any blood

relation without refusal, regret or second taught.



To be provided with all your heart desires by your master’s wife without revealing it to her




The ability to influence and control people during meetings or group deliberations.



Ability to draw down rain to a wrong or dislike gathering/ceremony and stop it at your




Ability to draw down snow to a wrong or dislike gathering/ceremony.    



Ability to cause or command armed men or robbers to one’s defense without their true

knowledge of what is happening to them at the scene of crime.



To cause enmity among united women or men forever.                            



To cause an enemies house to fall down by a rain thunder.                       



To cause quarrels or fights among united people forever.                         



Ability to cause thunder and direct it to area of your choice for many times with your personal 

wish's spiritual directives.                     



To cast out a spell upon the head of your loved one                               



To cast a spell upon your enemy.                                                         



Ability to change badly conditions to good conditions for your own true benefits, the benefits

include your present generation and all your unborn generations.



Magical ability to increase or prolong ones life span to another extra ten to twenty years




Ozone Stop Self Evil, The magical ability to stop a child, sibling or relation from stealing, being

involved in shameful/disgraceful  characters or to engage in any criminal activity that can bring

shame or sorrow to the entire family for life.    



Ability to discover any white or black magic and instantly destroys it without any  side




Ozone grave discovery, the magical ability to discover all things including business

connections, debts and liabilities of a dead relation, who mysteriously died without a word for the

relations. It includes a spiritual directive on how to recover all the diseased assets including

cash by the concerned relations.                             



Ozone distant grave discovery, the magical ability to secretly get all the needed information,

and discover all business connections, debts and liabilities of a dead relation who died in a very

far country. It includes a spiritual directive on how to recover all the diseased assets including

cash by the concerned relations                



To discover rubies, silver, money and valuable items hidden by  another.



To heal all affected parts of the body by witch through anti witch-craft consecrated invocation

oil and healing magic wand of power..                                                        



To heal chapped hands and old wounds with magical powers within 21 days.



To instantly destroy witches and wizards and heal new and old wounds especially snake and

scorpion bites with black magic stone and magic healing oil instantly.



To hinder and stop sorcerers from casting spells on any member of your family.



To know all things past and future of a person by spiritual request through a fortune magic




To know all evil plans from true friends through their hand writhen magic pen and open




To know the riches another possesses through secret fortune  mirror and magic pen.



To become very fast as a cat, win in all wrestling contests and never to be defeated by any




To make one self instantly appear older to achieve an aim.                        



To make one self instantly appear younger to achieve an aim.                    



To make oneself beloved by a married person, man or woman to achieve an aim.                    



To make oneself highly regarded and respected by one’s boss to enable the possessor achieve all

aims in life through the boss.                  



To make oneself highly regarded and respected by a business partner to enable the possessor

achieve all aims in life through the business without the other raising any negative voice or regret

anything later.                   



To open building doors or gates with magical words of command  orders.     



To prevent living houses from collapsing.  No magical power, curse or spell that can pull down

any esoteric spiritual rock protected  building.



The magical ability to drink more than 50 liters of water or alcohol at a time without having the

feeling, while others beside you will be indirectly receiving and sharing the liquid contents.




To see visions in flames of fire and know the meanings,                              



To see visions in the hand through reading of the palm.                             



To read ones secrets and see visions about a client through magic mirror or glass, one hour before

the arrival of the client.                        



To spiritually make your wife tell you all her secret plans in the night without knowing when she is

making the statement.                                    



First pentacle of Jupiter – A talisman for acquiring landed properties, treasures and for gaining

all chances of business without intruders




Second pentacle of Jupiter – the magical seal for acquiring glory, honor, financial restoration

and riches, as well as tranquility and real peace of mind.



Third pentacle of Jupiter – this defends and protects one against any enemy, and against any

evil spirits which may  linger near one’s properties or home.



Fourth pentacle of Jupiter–serves to acquire wealth, general success, protection and




Fifth pentacle of Jupiter – this has great power to see and ensure visions. Allegedly Jacob was

armed with this pentacle when he beheld  the ladder, which reached unto Heaven. This helps

someone without financial or educational foundation to reach his/her aspired financial level in life




Sixth pentacle of Jupiter – protects one from all earthly dangers and attracts financial gains and

holistic wellness.                                     



Seventh pentacle of Jupiter–It has great power against all  type of poverty, it promotes your

success and removes all obstacles on your way to success.



139.  First pentacle of mars – the talisman for gaining courage, ambition, enthusiasm, and all

physical accomplishments, and to be admired by all, it is good for the growth and success of




Second pentacle of mars – serves with great success against all kinds of diseases when it

is applied to the affected parts of the body, equally serves as anti poison, cures old wounds that

has lasted for a long time or has refused to be healed, no matter the cause.                     



Third pentacle of mars – this seal is of value in resisting one’s enemies, and for exciting wrath,

discord, and hostility among others, it brings victory to the user if mixed among competitors.




Fourth pentacle of mars – it is the greatest power towards bringing victory or vindication in

any argument or battle of any kind. It serves as sure victory in all matters, especially in land




Fifth pentacle of mars – causes all demons and spells to obey the wishes of the possessor of

this powerful seal and destroy powers of infertility and unproductiveness with any woman in any

home. It also destroys husband and wife crises and brings everlasting peace to the involved

or concerned parties.




Seventh pentacle of mars – if the possessor pronounces the Divine Names of El and Yiai, it will

bring confusion to one’s enemies without delay and with fast result



First pentacle of mercury – it conveys personal magnetism upon the owner, attracts all

progresses and heart desires to the possessor.             



Second pentacle of mercury – this talisman is said to gain the impossible, granting wishes

contrary to the other of nature and allow the success and riches of the user to be natural without

any distraction or effect from the enemy.




Third pentacle of mercury –it influences the written and unwritten words, tending to make one

eloquent in letters, papers, or writings. Used by all who wish to impress others with their literary

skill, particularly poets, authors and public speaking. Makes the user come first in any

competition, especially in public speaking. It is known as errorless in languages




Fourth pentacle of mercury – it assists in gaining knowledge and understanding all things, and

to penetrate the hidden thoughts of others without their knowledge, get all secret information

about anyone of your desired choice.



Fifth pentacle of mercury – it serves to open doors of any kind, for nothing it encounters can

resist or defeat it, known as spiritual magic breakers.



First pentacle of the moon – opens all doors and locks, no matter in what way they are

fastened, especially iron keys.                  



Second pentacle of the moon – it protects against all perils by water, and saves one in the event

of natural phenomena such as electrical storms, hurricanes, earthquakes,  tornadoes and




Third pentacle of the moon – it protects against all dangers of travel, all attacks by night, and

every danger from water, land, air or evil men, immediately imposes confusion on the enemies at

the scene of crime without the user being touched or harmed by the enemies, it will divert or

change the enemies former plans to attack the user.             



Fourth pentacle of the moon – this protects the possessor from all evils, any injury, protects the

user from all dangers, unexpected happenings, all enemies plans and attracts general success to

 all the user’s undertakings in life.



Fifth pentacle of the moon – this talisman protects against all phantoms of the night which may

cause restless sleep or nightmares, eating or having sex in the dream, and aids in obtaining

answers to questions or problems through dreams, it is anti-witchcraft.




Sixth pentacle of the moon – a wonderful magical talisman, designed to bring rain. Just place it

under water, and as long as it remains there, the rain will continue until you decide to stop the rain

by removing it from that place.



First pentacle of Saturn – it is designed to compel others to submit to the possessor’s wishes

and requests without regret or second taught, also, known as ask and receive without refusal.                          



Second pentacle of Saturn – it is of great value when meeting with adversaries in business

or competitors of any kind. It should be carried when looking for employment or negotiating any

financial contracts, or competing with others.



Third pentacle of Saturn - this is good for protection against any plot made by men, and for

defense against all evil spirits.                        



Fourth pentacle of Saturn – this seal is liked by those who wish to impose their will upon

others. It is also alleged to bring victory to the possessor and command people to obey all your

wishes without delay or second taught.                         



Fifth pentacle of Saturn –it protects the home, and guards all treasures and possessions one

may own, takes away the mind  of evil men from you, your family and all your assets in




Sixth pentacle of Saturn – just pronounce an enemy’s name and repeat “set thou a wicked one

to be ruler over him and let Satan stand at his right hand” to cause the foe to be possess by

demons and  bad lucks. Your named enemy must start suffering within 24 hours of possession.




Seventh pentacle of Saturn – this talisman is reputed to make others listen and tremble and

obey before the words of the wearer, do whatever you ask them to do, serve you for life without

listening to any intruder or planning any secret without your knowledge. If any intruder or enemy

approaches him/her, it will be revealed to you immediately by the servants, they can only be

controlled by your words or nothing.                    



First pentacle of the sun – the “El Shaddai” talisman that is alleged to bring to the possessor all

things they may desire in life without stress or side effect, people must grant all your requests

instantly without regret or thinking twice



Second pentacle of the sun – this design serves to repress the pride and arrogance of those

who oppose the owner’s wishes and plans, makes them to regret their actions, confess all their

secret plans, and obeys the possessor forever.                       



Third pentacle of the sun – serves to attract and recover your lost glory, riches, financial

restoration, honor and your dreams must all come true, with faith or without faith



Fourth pentacle of the sun – a most useful talisman which enables the owner to see others, as

they really are, not as they pretend to be. When this seal is in the vicinity of any friend, lover,

business partner or foe, their true thoughts and secret heart plans will be opened and recorded in

the magic paper for you to read and know the truth yourself, with faith or without faith.



Fifth pentacle of the sun – invokes the spirits that can transport someone from one place to the

other, and in magical means without any side effect, the miracle journey will only include one hand

bag, four dresses and one pair of shoe.



Sixth pentacle of the sun – provides invisibility to the possessor instantly at request, appears to

any place of your choice without people noticing your presence.



Seventh pentacle of the sun – this seal reputedly releases one from prison, opening all locks

and breaking all fetters which binds one.          



First   pentacle of Venus– attracts senior friendships and helpers to the possessor at all




Second pentacle of Venus - for obtaining grace, honor, accomplishing all desires and other

matters of the heart which includes protection, success, happiness,  power and financial





Third pentacle of Venus – this attracts love, respect, admiration and to be loved by all sexes

and elders of your organizations or communities. 



Fourth pentacle of Venus – of great power, this forces people to bring to the user all his/her heart desires without question.                 




260.  Fifth pentacle of Venus – the seal that excites great position and desire when exposed to




A talisman of the elements of thunder and rain control, with the master key to draw down,

control, direct and stop rain at possessor's will, starts work a day after the day of possession. 




Ozone love magnet, to unite a broken relationship, marriage, friendship or business partner, this

power will restore and unite the relationship for ever, and no one will ever think or plan for

separation again, truth will rain among the parties, deceit and lies will disappear from their mix,

enemies can never successfully penetrate again. Its tops work immediately the user exposes the

secret to his/her  partner



Agores wand, provides knowledge of all tongues, brings back runaways or can prevent

desertion, can cause earthquakes, and bring about the downfall of important men by causing them

to lose their positions, public honors, and respect from the authority, even in their businesses,

reducing a mighty man to nothing within few days of possession.                                                 



Arm  wand, it spreads destruction by means of fire and air. Also teaches cunning and

shrewdness, and can answer all questions of things known and unknown to the possessor.




Alloces wand, a warrior who may be sent to spiritually revenge mission, and your enemies will

never know who has caused their life downfall and problems.



Andre alphas, it can transform humans into anything, spiritually acts accord into possessor’s will

at all times.                                              



Andromalius wand, knows all secrets, reveals and helps to recover hidden, lost and stolen articles, finds hidden money, and reveals any secret plots of intrigues planned against the possessor,

makes the wearer to be very fearful among his colleagues and enemies.




Asmody, confers invisibility, answers all questions, and enables the petitioner to know the

innermost thoughts and secret plans of those he meets  on all business matters including interviews.



Bighorns magic wand, can move corpses magically, and cause spirits of the dead to assist the

magician or answer inquiries. Is capable of enlightening one on astrology, mathematics, herbs,

stones and all spiritual hidden information that are needed by the living from the dead.



Cameo, it will teach the possessor the tongues of all animals so that they may be understood, and

can also reveal the mysteries and secrets of the hidden and entire spirit world. 




Crocell, it produces great noise, confusion, and indecisiveness in one’s foes. Can cause stroke,

cancer, deaf and dumb or any other killer diseases to the possessor’s enemies at request within

two days



Dantalion    produces hallucinations in other if requested, influencing the minds of men against

their will without their knowing it.  It can reveal the innermost thoughts and desires of others,

every man around you will live to obey you at all times forever.



Ozone Iron wand of power, it protects one from bullets and all iron weapons, ability to

disappear from all danger, to fight over twenty men with ordinary hand, and win all without injury,

too be protected from any spiritual harm or poison and never to fail in any contest or business,

and no man born of a woman can kill the possessor of this great power, the lions are never afraid of





Decarabia, knows all pertaining to the powers of plants, stones, animals and magic trees. Known

as the father of all forest-hidden powers.



Focalor, it causes winds to blow, ships to sink, and death by drowning of enemies.



Furfur, it bestows love of battle, causes thunder and lightning, and can reveal the secret thoughts

of others instantly.                                  



Glasya-labobas, it can cause murder and death, makes men invisible. It knows all ancient

wisdom and occult secrets, it can teach all sciences and can reveal the secrets of other




Haagenti,   a powerful alchemist that can change any metal into gold, and water into wine and

ordinary papers into money by invocations without side efforts.



Halphas, causes wars, punishes sinners, and can make those who have wronged the magician

instantly suffer the fortunes of the damned.   



Haures, it protects the magician against other magical and unseen spirits and occult powers,

knows all secrets and can bring harm and misfortune to one’s enemies instantly.                                 



Leraie, it causes wounds not to heal, starts battles. It can be persuaded to break up rival’s love

affairs, joint businesses and even marriages.              



Malphas wand,    it is claimed that it helps Solomon build many things. Causes anything to be

made by courageous magical  forces, pioneer to conquer your enemies at all times.



Murmur wand, causes souls of the dead to appear and answer any question the petitioner may

wish to know. Also teaches philosophy.              



Ose wand,  transforms the petitioner into any form he desires, can bring delusions insanity to

others if asked, and the person affected will not be aware that he has been changed.                           



Paimon wand, confers upon the magician, the power to influence and control those he wishes to

subjugate. Will produce familiars to serve the possessor, and can bring any honor desired  upon   





206.   Purson wand, tells about the past and future, reads the thoughts of others and conveys the

message to the possessor.                    



Raum wand, creates love and reconciles enemies. Can also demolish a reputation, destroy

property, can spiritually draw large sums of money from others and  to the possessor, the possessor

can never be financially poor for life.




Removes wand, teaches languages, and humbles on enemy who does not show partiality toward

the petitioner.                                  



Sabnock wand, this magic wand order can cause enemy wounds not to heal, arguments to

inflame, and turn a small dispute into full-scale battle, it controls military camps and protects

soldiers, the user can make things happen instantly and magically without challenge, senior military

officers use this power to control their men and have victory over their   opponents. Those at the

top must always recommend the possessor  for every serious assignment without regretting it latter

and the possessor must always end all the assignments with reasonable conclusions. known as

power of powers




Samiginia wand, gives account of the dead souls that died in sin, and teaches all liberal




Sere wand, controls time to suit the possessor wishes, and the wishes of the sorcerer who calls upon him. Can cause things to happen instantly and  magically.




Shax wand, can cause one to become deaf, dumb, or blind and can draw money  to the

possessor, and can lead the way to almost any hidden things or stolen goods Can create a familiar

to assist the user achieve all aims.




Strip love wand, the prince of love and lust. Can cause any man to love a woman against his will

or any woman to desire a man, compels women to display themselves in the nude way to the one

who calls her –love, to make the user look very young, unique, trusted and beautiful before any




Vale for,    Is in charge of occult medicine, curing all ills magically. Can  make a man skilled with

his hands and sharp with his brains.                             



Vepar, controls the sea. Can cause storms, untimely death, and disaster, only the possessor has

the control key and power.              



Vine, the only spirit that can tell a magician the identity of other sorcerers and witches. Knows all

secrets and can destroy the enemy’s spiritual power and defend the magician against the attacks

of other powerful magicians. 




Zagan, can change liquids – water into wine, wine into blood, it can bring to one’s mind the

humor and wit in all happenings.                          



Amdusias, can grant a familiar to assist you in any secret mission one may wish to perform. Can

inspire music, and cause trees to become barren of fruit or even to fall to the ground at your will

or cause a married woman to become barren, only the possessor has the control key



Amon wand, reconciles enemies, causes love to flourish, and tells what it is to happen in the

future, make disunited parties to reunite again and forget the past for ever.                        



Amy, it shows the way to hidden treasure, fortune, and wealth. Can teach astrology to the

petitioner who wishes to know.                      



Astaroth, teaches scientific subjects, causes one to have prophetic ,dreams or visions about the

future, and gives insight into the known and unknown.




Bael wand wrist watch, it gives the needed wisdom to assist one in making the correct decision

when faced with seemingly insurmountable problems through the movement of the clock, one will

arrive at the best decisions, failures and plan less ness will never be for the possessor, all the

possessor’s plans must always be successful at all  times. 




Balaam, it confers wit, humor, and mental ability to those who ask.                   



Barbatos, brings any two persons together in deep friendship, smoothes out all

misunderstandings, and soothes hurt feelings. This spirit’s seal is only usable under the sign of

Sagittarius. Makes the parties forget the past of  others. 




Beleth, brings the spirit of love between any two persons. A favorite of maidens awaiting a




Belial, it helps one get ahead successfully with the present job, never to loose a  job or to gain a

higher position through magical powers at all cost.                  



Berith causes men to rise to high places and receive honors. Can change any metal into gold,

answers queries about all happenings and reveals future unforeseen happenings.



Botis gives assistance in all-important decisions, boasters courage, protects one from being hurt

by the hatred or envy of others, and helps toward easing tensions in the home.                



Buer, cures mysterious illness and diseases, magically and instantly stops  the evil habit of

drunkenness and other hard drugs.                                            



Bune, helps to acquire wealth, provides sophistication and worldly wisdom, grants facility to

public speech and a flair with words.                       



Cimeies,  makes great all those who has bold of heart, firm of spirit, and heroic in battle.

Teaches literature, cunning and finds anything that is lost or hidden by another.




Eligos wand, grants favors in all court cases and legal affairs, creates love, attracts business

connections, growth and financial successes at all  levels.




Foras wand, makes one think and act wisely in all fields,   witty, and wealthy. Restores lost glory,

property restorations, teaches logic, and the virtues of stones and plants.




Barbatos,  can teach arts, sciences, and languages. Can make one’s enemies love him, and

protect him from all evildoers even without their knowing it. 




Furcas,  brings peace of mind and disperse fear and timidity, also teaches philosophy and other

sciences by magical means.                         



Gaap wand,  causes love or hate, tells the future, and can have one transported instantaneously

to wherever he desires without stress or any side effect.




Gremory wand,   causes one to be beloved by women (and is the only spirit that appears in the

form of a woman) Knows past, present, future, and will lead to hidden gold and treasures, 

helps to know all secrets of another.



Gusion wand, can attract a position, brings honors, and make  the possessors to beloved by all

with whom they come in contact on their ways to any business proposals or connections.





Ipos wand,   endows  with  courage, helps one retain old and new friends and have knowledge

of the past, future, secret   plans and wishes of the friends  with practical/written evidences and





Marax wand,  will provide a familiar to assist the magician. Gives knowledge

about the magical uses of stones and herbs and teaches astrology.



Mambas wand, gives great wisdom and knowledge. Answers questions about all

secrets, hidden or stolen things. Can cause or cure all incurable diseases of stubborn types, such

as old wounds, elephantiasis, epilepsy, cancer, stroke, drunkenness, madness and drug




Marchosias, assists in any kind of fight, argument or litigations, gives victory to the user in all

crises and judgments.



Knaveries magic wand, teaches logic, rhetoric, and helps one regain lost memories, honors, prestige, financial restorations possessions and positions of esteem for life, your command will be the people’s wishes at all times, people will obey  you without thinking twice or regretting it later




Arias wand, Induces enemies to favor the petitioner, can change a man into any shape and

helps to gain respect and positions of life esteem, people must change their minds and act

according to your instructions and wishes without regret or second taught.                    



Arrobas magic wand, answers questions, and gives one the power to control and dominate

others. Suppresses slander or gossip and makes one secure and safe from the persecution of evil

spirits or vindictive foes and all enemies plans.




Phoenix magic wand,  makes everyone to obey every order from the possessor, especially in

offices or organizations, all your associates will obey and respect you at all times and tremble on

hearing your orders without delay, regret or second taught over their loyalty for you. 




Sallow wand,  causes love between the sexes, arousing desire, stimulating one’s passions, and

encouraging fidelity to one’s mate, makes parties get deep in love on daily basis forever.                



Stoles wand, knows all of the stars, plants, and stones, dictate and directs the

user to all the secrets of the land and sea.                         




Valance wand, tells, where treasures may be found and can lead one towards a good job,

opportunities, a sympathetic friend or  lucky  numbers.   




Vapula wand, it can assist one in passing all tests and examinations, and in conversing intelligently

on almost all subject matters, it proves your intelligent and excellent ability at any time.          



Vass ago wand, can tell of the past and future, can find anything that has been misplaced, lost,

hidden, or stolen, give details in written form  with the magic paper.  




Val wand, this can make one beloved by a woman, create stronger friendships, and

ensure great esteem. Knows all and can turn time to suit the user for special purposes.




Zephyr wand, can make any woman love any man, or compel any man to love any

woman. It can also change the shape of people as desired by the possessor and can win every

argument or logic in the law courts.




Utchat wand, the mungu sacred eye for health, strength, wealth, courage and financial

restorations, fits all races of aura, red, white, positive, green and black  auras. 




Repels evil spirits, this seal may be worn on the body or carried in the pocket as money comes

to me and you can never  financially lack, before you become broke, another financial window

will be opened for you, it is known as [sea never dry]                                  



Brings good fortune, this talisman should be kept in your home when playing games of chance.

It should be touched with the right hand before going or beginning to play but without exciting the

notice of your opponents, you or your group can never be defeated in any game or     





To win the female, hold this seal pressed against the lips and kiss it before going out, and you

must win the love and compliance of all the entire female sex you meet on your way, no girl or

woman will refuse or regret your  request.




The magic rod wand of power, this serpent wand should be kept in the box for magical

assistances, good health, success, full life financial restoration and protection from black magic,

the wearer becomes visible and invisible at will and perform all magic at wills.         



Holy protection from all accidents,  this seal reputedly possesses the power to destroy

everything evil of the same type, preserving the possessor and all relations from any accident or

mishap or any   type.




Power of truth wand ,  by holding the talisman against the right ear with the left hand, the most

secretive person will be compelled to unveil their most private thoughts, and any enemy will be

forced to declare their secret plans against the possessor  aloud.                        



Discover treasurer  wand,  hold the seal between the palms of both hands, Angels or holy

messengers will soon appear at the feet of the sorcerer bearing goods,  gold or money.




Goofy circle,   the possessor can agedly gain all his earthly and heart desires by wearing this seal

on his person.           



Controls evil wand,   to gain the knowledge of evil spirits and the means of rendering their

projects meaningless, wear this talisman upon the chest, and become a terror before any evil, 

known and unknown enemy. Power to catch witches magic wand of power. 




Achievement of goals, holding of the seal, and if pressed against the heart is alleged to set to

work, enough for the immediate accomplishment of any work which the possessor may desire to

undertake, and for the cessation of any unfavorable evil plots against him.




`Discover hidden secrets,  this pendant should be placed close to the ear at special times and a

distinct voice will reveal the desired knowledge and secrets, which has been kept hidden from the

possessor, even your wife,  husband, political associates, servants or business partner’s voices

will be openly and clearly heard from thousands of miles distance, without the knowledge of the

victim without the use of practical GSM phones, from these magic, all the secret information you

need will be all revealed you.



Endows virtue and talent, wear this seal to turn evil qualities within oneself into the desire for

good, and to gain virtue or increase one’s gifts, talents,  abilities and favors.                                



Conjuration of power, the seal is held in the right hand whenever one desires multitudes of spirits

to appear to do one’s bidding.




Gives knowledge wand, the talisman must be carried on the person to bring one profound

knowledge of every art, so that the possessor will outshine all experts and authorities even though

he may be unqualified by any schooling or formal education. Students who wish to pass specially

use it during tests, examinations and all competitions for their future.                      



Provides invisibility, when the seal is held in the bag, even when one’s faith is sufficient or not,

the possessor is rendered invisible even to the eye of a wizard genus,  and God alone shall

witness the actions of the possessor, this power permits the owner to penetrate everywhere

unseen and unnoticed and leave the place at will without the knowledge of anybody.




Destroys evil, place the seal on a table and press the left hand upon it, all rebellious spirits are

compelled to flee and any evil projects being launched against the petitioner are magically

destroyed. It is very powerful for all healing purposes, that  one believes in spiritualism, occultism or

not is not a barrier.                         



Reads others thoughts, to know what others are thinking, place the seal in the pocket, should

evil thoughts come from one’s enemies, quickly evoke the magic words “Zatros, Niter, Rojas,

Tort as” and all the evil thoughts and plans of the enemy will be delivered to you immediately.                      



Protects from animals, carry in the pocket at all times to gain immunity from the attacks of

 mad or ferocious animals, snakes, dogs, all wild animals and to be able to understand their

language, the possessor can also cage and control them without stress.                                                   



Communicates with all, once this seal is placed upon the heart, the possessor can gain

discernment for the good or bad intentions of any person when on a visit  to such person, no

matter how highly placed or pretending by such person..                



Gives healing powers wand, for attaining the spiritual height of healing all sick persons, and for

knowing all universal medicines, and for gaining knowledge of all minerals and herbs with their

virtues and properties, where and how to get them, this seal should be kept in a bag, preferably in

a black leather bag, it will reveal the entire secret uses of the herbs to the user, faith or no faith is no




Protects the traveler, held or worn close to the heart,  can be kept in the house or buried under 

the ground, the owner can be transported to any part of the world by magical method without any

danger, this is being used by spies, war investigators, Scientists,  political or business




Breastplate of Aaron,   said to offer protection from sudden or violent deaths, no poison or

enemies weapon can harm the possessor, places the possessor above any man’s destruction,

including accidents, evil men and all natural disaster,.                                     



Breastplate of Moses, for protection from all harm, even from air, water  or land



Crowned serpent, symbol of mighty power, strength, and dominance, gives the possessor a

strength that can never be challenged by colleagues or associates, even with  extraordinary




Grand symbol of Solomon, for divine guidance, wisdom, protection, financial restoration and

understanding all matters.             



Great pentagram seal, protects from Black Magic, and gives a man freedom from fear, good

judgment, a clear mind, and a bright disposition, places the possessor  above

fear, intimidation, threat and above any man’s destruction



Master key seal, symbol of good health, good fortune, success, victory, honor and clear visions.                                                           



Schemh amphoras holy seal, alleged to bring contact with departed souls. It is also said to

bring vengeance on one’s enemies, and to ensure one shares of worldly goods during lifetime.



Schemhamphoras Seal, for great success in all financial connections and all businesses. 

Attracts   foolish customers and money  transactions.



Schemhamphoras seal wand, great mystical powers are believe to come to those who carry

this. It is a highly religious seal for bringing to the possessor divine guidance and protection when

needed through out his or her life.                                                       



Seal of the air wand, called the seal of relief from want as it brings all necessities of life to the

possessor. It is popular with those who are seeking employment and those that wants success,

riches, financial restoration and honor without side effects.




Seal of antiquities,   confers great wealth, honors, health/wellness and promotes good

knowledge and faith.                        



Seal of aziabelis, for achieving great power over others,  attracts general love and wealthy




The ozone great magic wand of power, for all visions, healings and miracles, used by clergy

men and ministers of God who which to perform miracles, wonders and reveal to people their entire

secret problems even in the open field with only prayers which every one will bear witness.




Seal of Arielis, compels others to do one’s bidding, and command lost treasures from the land

or sea, to the benefit of the possessor.




Seal of barbells, makes one successful, master of all arts and reveals secret things to the




Seal of the earth, referred to as the seal of spiritual assistance,  it brings support and help from

friendly gods and supernatural beings, assists in all one’s life endeavors.



Seal of fire, those who seek influence wants this, general trust, conviction, power, popularity, and

dominance in any field, wealth, academic, long life, financial restoration and honor.                  



Seal of fortune, brings great success in all your business undertakings, personal blessings and

protection for all family members.                                                                                           



Seal of the golden candlestick wand, makes one safe from all danger, strong as steel in all

spiritual matters,  that firearms can never harm the possessor or penetrate his body, no evil plan

against the possessor can ever succeed in the day or night..  




Seal of good luck, to achieve success in all games of change, if it is  anointed just before playing

and secreted in one’s sleeve or pocket, the victory must be yours for only 24 hours.




Seal of great generation, for wealth, honor, promotions, riches, financial power restorations

and favor from your boss, blood relations, friends, organizations, governments or any authority,

known as ask and receive without refusal



Seal of Jesus of God, for divine protection, conquering all obstacles, achieving victory in all

pursuits, success and general success in all possessor’s undertaking. 



Seal of Jupiter, for victory in all legal and court cases, for settling and winning disputes of all

kinds. The possessor can never loose any litigation case. This seal is sometimes called the seal of

mystical and merciful assistance in all obstacles.  




Seal of knowledge, to receive information through dreams or visions,

sleep with this talisman under the pillow and all visions will be

revealed to you,                                                                             



Seal of long life,  protects one from all misfortune and misery, and assures one of a lengthy life,

no sudden death or unexpected misfortune for the possessor, it will also reveal how successful or

not all your future proposals will be, the mystical keys will be used for the testing.




Seal of love,  carry  this seal to assure one of being much loved. It is used to gain and hold the

affections of another.                   



Seal of magic,  this  serpent seal is designed to bring magical assistance to one’s wishes, desires,

needs, or requests, destroys  obstacles and evil wishes, attracts sympathy and favor to the user at

all times.  




Seal of mirabilis,  for fascinating others and obtaining all secret knowledge from them without

their refusal.                      



Seal of Mephistopheles, for overcoming, conquering, and controlling one’s enemies. Protects

one from the plots of others and always have a reasonable victory at the end.



Seal of mirabilis wand, commonly called the seal of special attraction, it is designed for

captivating, conquering and controlling those whom the possessor may encounter as obstacles

on his way to victory and  success.           



Seal of mercury, brings wealth, knowledge of alchemy and chemistry, treasures from

beneath the earth.                           



Seal of Orion,   to have all life wishes fulfilled, to attract honor, riches, success, 

all financial and protective life restorations, respect, power,  victory,  physical strength

and political charisma.                                    



Seal of power, carried to insure and restore good health, to strengthen one’s faith,

and to influence those one may meet on his way to success, power and




Seal of rap Caleb, doctor oriental – used for all medical assistances and to maintain a healthy

body and a clear mind.                 



Seal of cat urn, called the seal of spiritual good luck, it is believed to attract  favorable planetary

vibrations when one is gambling or indulging in any game of chance.



Seal of spirits, to compel spirits to appear and serve ones needs. This is said to be of great

value in bringing spiritual quick service and help the possessor in all things



Seal of the sun, referred to by many as the seal of honor and wealth, this talisman is carried to

attract plentiful gold, silver, money and other life's blessings



Seal of treasure, when buried under the earth near where treasures exist, they will come to the

surface themselves. It can also be used in the home to help locate lost articles.          



Seal of treasure, elevation, and spiritual redemption, said to bring peace to the user’s place

or home where this is kept or to the person who carries  it.



Seal of treasures wand, this seal is also used for finding any lost or stolen possessions in and

outside the home.                               



Seal of Venus, known as the seal of secrets, if one places this beneath under the pillow to learn

secrets through dreams, and to prevent others from knowing the user’s private confidential or

domestic   matters. Carried in purse or pocket, it also serves to bring assistance in one’s business

dealings and assists in all safe journeys.           



Seal of water, sometimes called the seal of great fortune, it is used to recover treasures  below

the earth such as buried or hidden gold,  silver or money  under the ground, or water in sunken




Seal of the witnesses, bearing the initials of the spiritual Latin version of the inscription written

by Pilate and placed on the cross, “I.N.R.I.” – Jesus of  Nazareth, King of the Jews – it reputedly

brings the owner God’s richest blessings on earth and above every temptation and obstacles.

Consecrated under the full moon for 21 days.                    



For concentration of thoughts and aid to meditation.                             



To know all the secrets of heaven and earth.                                        



For protection. “In the name of Allah, you shall not be harmed by any  magic, weapon or




 To obtain mercy, God’s grace and his compassion. You God is one God, there is no other

God but he, the most merciful”-silver ring for protection, marriage saving, fertility/reproductive

ness, progress and financial restorations, peace and victory in all matters.               



Influential seal wand, for wealth and good fortune, prosperous one for the believers 

handkerchief, brings all the followers or congregation in  the church to be one, they cannot listen

to gossips, they must all trust and obey the possessor at all times, good for all miracles and healing

wonders, your members will tremble on hearing your name, and what ever you said is believed to be

the final truth, nothing can scatter your flock, instead their numbers will continue to increase on daily

basis. Sufficient faith or not does not affect the holistic influential seal wand. Sales of miraculous

handkerchiefs to members at fixed prices is mystically accepted, it helps to bring  the

congregation together for life.                         



The star and crescent, a sacred symbol, the image of paradise and the success seal for every




Abacas wand protective pendant, which scares away all evil spirits around the user, any home

that posses this pendant can never suffer any shame, sudden death, accidents, incurable

sicknesses, failures or poverty.                               



Apollo God of health, for victory, wealth, financial/ health restorations and honor- wrist




Chu Hua, for easy life, easy growth in business and easy victory in all your life undertakings




Dove and COM copal good fortune.                                                            



Dove and olive branch for peace.                                                            



Fate Gods of chance favor for the possessor.                                 



Jenus beginning and end, fulfillment for all purpose.                                



Luna regna moon goddess of preservation and protection                          



Scarab  charm against sudden death, dangerous diseases, accidents, failures, disappointments

and  all financial losses.                                      



Seraphis solar God of energy, masculinity, strength and physical power, victory in all




Sacred Heart of Jesus for good health, general success, victory, financial and protective life

restorations and honor.                               



St. Anthony for general luck in all gambling.                                           



Basil, for safe and successful travels, by land, sea and air.                             



Cyril, for an abundance of all worldly goods.                                             



Expedite for quick work, quick memory and quick growth of business at all  time.



Mary  pendant and oil, for curing dangerous and evil sicknesses, elephantiasis, stroke, epilepsy,

cancer and full blown madness within 21 days



Mary Magdalene seal, for success in all love affairs, favor, victory and women

fertility/reproductive ness.                                                             



St Michael the conquer seal, for victory in all fights, cases and wars.    



Peter rose, pendant for great and speedy success.                        



Catherine de Medici’s talisman, which bestows grace, seductiveness, and generosity on the




Collects money Anna Riva’s secret seal, for drawing money owed one, collect your money from

all your debtors through magic wand.



Crown of the Magi” which offers protection to those who carry the image of the eagle, bull,

lion, and sphinx, brings   success in all their life undertakings, brings love, victory and fertility to

the user's family, also- attracts sympathy and honor.                        



“Devil’s trap wand, Assyrian  design carried to capture evils alive before it can reach the




Ethiopian good luck charm.                                                                      



Eskimo shaman (magician’s) talisman for protection.                        



Greek Talisman, which protects against  all evil eye.                        



Lose weight Anna Riva’s sea,l for controlling the appetite with spiritual oil.



Protective girdle, that guards against all evil and the dark forces of enemies of progress



Reverses evil, Anna Riva’s seal used to turn evil back from wherever  it comes from




Unkatche North American Indian goddess against illness and disease, infection, natural disaster

and any type of accident.              



Chien magic (coin) for wealth., success, power, all financial restorations and victory in all




Chu hua (chrysanthemum) for easy life                                       



Chung (bell) for health, courage, respect.                                                 



Feng huang for (phoenix) rebirth, peace.                                                  



Hsi talisman for marriage success and ever happiness.                               



Hu tieh (butterfly) joy.                                                                           



Lien hua (lotus) for purity and creative powers.                                      



Hwa talisman against evils.                                                                       



Yuei (dragon)  for justice, longevity and pure soul.                          



Yueh (hare in moon) for serenity and felinity.                                          



Plish tasks wand,  helps to complete any work or undertaking freely embarked upon before

enemy’s arrival.                            



Attract love wand, inspires affection and devotion from loved ones  and to save your lover from




Destroy addictions, helps to control alcohol, drugs, smoking, and evil plans and bad




Causes insanity, place in foe’s clothes to bring on mental confusion and infected diseases to the

enemy  within 24 hours



Collect debts, draws all money owed the possessor through magic wand                  



Conjure spirits, permits safe contacts with those in the other world and get information from the




Endows sexuality, makes others helpless to resist the owner’s advances at any time



Exom  demons, rid body and mind of all evil spirits and influences others to do your will at all

cost at any given time.                   



Find a good job, to be carried when looking for employment.                  



Eden  wand, force proposals of marriage, entices reluctant suitors to speak in favor of your wish

without refusal, regret or second thought after the decision.



Gain favors, cause others to make decisions for your good and plans every good things for your

well fare, they  will believe that helping you is pleasing God, they will feel happy any time they

render you any help. Known as ask and receive without refusal.




For gambling luck, increases one’s chances of winning at all games



Ozone lucky winner, for legal matters, to gain sympathy of the judge and win in all  court




Love Wang, increases man’s potency and woman’s passion and make both enjoy

each other to the fullest  sex esteem during love making and non will think or

plan of leaving each other for life [anti life infertility]



Ozone renewals wand, renews life, neutralizes and removes the effects of past mistakes and

makes one become honored and respected by all, the past will be seen as mare  rumors and hand

work of enemies, uplifts one to the highest life esteem, to have honor,  wealth and victory

especially for politicians in elections. 



Overcome worry, wipes out fear and installs self confidence and esteem.



Peaceful home, lends harmony and tranquility to turbulent situations and brings peaceful

glory to the home.                                  



Ozone powerful tea, power delivers vitality, energy, and strength, gives you all the minerals,

vitamins and all needed  starch that thickens the male sperm, anti watery and low sperm count

and infertility/reproductive ness restoration. 



Protect goods, guards one from being robbed, molested or falling a victim of evil men throughout

his or her life.                                   



Reverse evil, turns back harm toward the sender.                                



Self hypnosis, enables one to change his/her destiny at will and successfully grow to the highest

level in life without stress or side effects.



Sexual potency, adds passion to all your sexual adventures forever. Makes your sex life more

enjoyable with the opposite partner, anyone that had sex with you will never enjoy sex with

another person for ever.



Transfer affections, place between lovers to cause their separation for ever and nothing on

earth can unite them again.            



Worldly goods, attracts food, money, clothing, just as they are needed, always attract mercy and

gifts to the possessor.                     



Win back, lovers pulls toward the possessor, especially those who had loved or made love with

her before, they must come back and beg for forgiveness and acceptance, they will never enjoy

sex or have peace with another woman except you throughout their life




For wisdom and knowledge, helpful in passing all tests and examinations, interviews and success

in all travel screening papers.        



Witch doctor’s mirror wand, to identifies those with the power to cure and heal serious spell and

incurable sicknesses.                  



Dice for gambling luck and success in all games.                                    



Fudo mayo, directs and command evil demons to fight and save souls.



Guards and wards off evils within the possessor’s environment.    



Mallet good luck, for all success life purposes.                                   



Spiritual amulet for protection, success, love, full life restoration and money.



Ozone three Keys, brings love, health, wealth/wellness, power, financial and protective

restorations, success and honor to the possessor for life .



Ozone neutral wand, to instill and protect  purity- prevents the possessor from thinking or

planning any evil for life.                 



Ozone  magic long wand, brings long life and  trust by all that come closer to you and all your

business associates and family members.



Wheel of spiritual law, crushes all delusions and superstitions, removes fear and makes the

possessor to be bold, protective and fearless.                             



Yin yang, for general harmony in all things.                                           



Ozone magic oasis mirror, for family good luck, protection, fertility, disappear from danger,

victory in all matters, riches, couple trust, love, financial restoration, honor and favor from people,

and to be trusted by all



Ozone eye glass, to know every secret of someone including his names and  all secret thoughts

of his mind instantly.                        



Love seat wand, a recipe used by African women to overcome arrival for the affections of any

given man.                                          



Pure white stone, for consecration and sanctification of holy waters, used for all healing




Ahunum  amulet of foresight, visions and to know the secret of anybody that stands before

you in a praying or crusade ground, only the true picture of those standing before you will be

appearing to you at that moment and during consultations the same magic happens, the real

purpose of the client’s visit, will be revealed to the client at the spot, and the client will know and

believe the truth.



Adam and Eve miracle powder, if you have some rubbed in your hands or handkerchief when

seeing or visiting your intended lover, or during business negotiation, just touch or have a hand

shake with the person and all your desires must be granted without stress or regret.



Home cha-cha, to prevent thieves from ever coming to your home or torching  your property at

any place,  and to prosper your  business and that of every member of your  family. 



Ganging, the most powerful charm that helps in wining gambling and all intended love affairs.



Home symbol order, to ward off dangerous diseases and sudden deaths from the home, brings

success and victory to every member of the family and attracts  favor, love, financial restorations

and good will from the general public.



Come to me omega oil sweet perfume, used to anoint the breasts of women before going to

see a stubborn or deceitful lover, as soon as the man sucks the breasts at his will, from that

moment, the man will become under the life control of the woman, no power or magic can take

the man  away from the woman, and he must always meet all the woman’s heart desires without

delay, refusal, regret  or second taught. 



King Solomon’s secret key, to become rich quickly without sacrifice, spiritual

side effects or ritual.                                                           



King David secret love key,  to fall in love with the highest man/woman of your choice in the

society without stress.                             



Forecast  magic dream, to see draws and stake numbers in the dream and  remember the

numbers while awake.                                    



Consecrated Eucalyptus, for healing of the sick with prayers and to use as a liniment cure of all

stubborn diseases.                           



Jalap consecrated jar, to be used to attract favor and sympathy from people when traveling to

a country or place where you have nobody or have not been before.



Exam magic wand, promotes clear thinking and goodwill, assists you to be successful in any

decision, exams, interviews or business proposals.          






Love breaker aura oil, anoint a letter or card and give it out to the intended,

this will break the love ties of any united or married people and you will take

over without stress.                                       



Mandrake sure win, for good luck in all gambling, protection, also used to induce

your lover to marry you.                                              



Mantrap, to get the man of your dreams and control all his financial affairs in

life, he will never believe that he is under any spell, and he will never leave you

for another person.                      



Millionaire wand of power, to become very rich through magical power within 3 months of possession without side effect or sacrifice.                                                                  



Mistletoe finger spoon, used to attract customers and increase business on daily basis without stress or side effect.



My ban wand, to command your attackers to start fighting themselves until you can no longer see

them from a far.                       



Nine mysteries wand, to enable you see all evil plans against you in a dream and make the

enemies confess to you  openly.                  



Nutmeg hexes wand, to command spell and curses back to the sender within twenty four




Rosemary mojo, used for protection from black magic, curses, spells, hexes and witch  craft in the home, also to keep away all evils.                                                     



Ozone mercury mirror, to invoke a dead man/woman to reveal all his/her secrets to you including

how he/she was killed, those involved and any other information you need to know or get from




Wand of power, the ability to know if your lawyer is having double dealing with your opponents

in your legal  battle.                       



Young and beautiful ozone wand, this ozone power makes the possessor to remain young,

beautiful and charming for many years without fading, especially to those that have loved  or had

 sex with her before, it helps the possessor to get what ever she wants in life from any man as many

 times as she wants without the man’s refusal, regret or second taught. The ozone wand of young

and beautiful lasts for twenty, thirty and fifty years respectively.  It cannot be possessed by any

lady below the age of 18 years. Any man that makes love with you under this spell will never

enjoy sex with another woman for life.                                            



Ozone elephant power wand, this is for those who wish to be come, heavy weight champions like lifters, wrestlers, boxers in any heavy weight competitions.                



Ozone Smart Power Wand, this is for those who wish to become champions in light sports competitions like all runs, long and high jumps and dances etc.



Ozone Ecru Wand,  for one to be come very rich while serving someone and the  master will never be envious to his servant’s riches or listen to gossipers or  enemies of progress.                    



Ozone Settlement   Magic Bond, if you have served some one more than the agreed period, and he has no plan to settle and sent you forth, or  he is planning to send you away with one evil flimsy reason or the other, the ozone settlement magic bond will force the master to settle and send you forth with all your requests and  heart desires within sixty days from possession time



Ozone Rape and Die, If any family secretly acquires this pendant for their female children, any

one that rapes any girl from such family must spiritually be forced to confess openly or face the

sickness that follows.




 Ozone Evil Plan Destroyer, Anyone that has any evil plan against you, will on sighting/seeing

you become very friendly and helpful to all your needs at that very moment, the former evil

thoughts will vanish from his/her mind.



617.      Ozone Self Vengeance Curse, If anyone had stolen your property and fail to return back

same, the person or group of persons will after 72 hours be spiritually forced to open confessions

that must lead to the very place where the crime were committed.